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Becoming One With The Bean

Every year about this time we go through the ritual of making useless resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking , save more money (not this coming year fiscal cliffies) and generally be better people than we were the previous 365 days. Yeah well, I say lets make a pot of blackeyed beans (or peas if you must) and use that politically incorrect “old wives” tale of it bringing us good luck and throw dust to the wind and give it the old college try,, wait I haven’t exhausted my supply of cliche’ positive reinforcement statements yet.. Ok, I’ll stop.. the point being, Life is what you make it.

As a God fearing Catholic, I firmly believe that its God’s will what is in store for me in the coming year, I’ll leave it in his (or hers, no offence to those that want or choose to believe otherwise) loving hands to guide me through another 365 days of whatever it brings.  I’ll become one with the bean and hope that the one cheek sneak is not in an elevator


Teachable Moments..

I took the opportunity to teach my 4 year old what I hope to be a valuable life lesson in giving this Christmas.  As a family, we decided to use Thrift Stores and Flea Markets to find unique gifts for each other. Having wandered the endless aisles of “treasures”  which included a prosthetic leg, a massive collection of house keys, beanie babies and the occasional Brittany Spears doll we happened upon an antique store in Independence Missouri and it was a nice stroll through the memories of others.

My son asked lots of questions about things, like what does this do? why did people wear that? what does this thing do?… I came upon a makeup compact that was probably at least 40 years old as it was made of metal and had a little weight to it, I asked my son if he knew what this was and he said it was something his Aunt used a lot, but her’s was plastic. I asked him if he thought she would like this one and he nodded confidently and we proceeded to the next aisle perusing through the nick-knacks when we came upon an item I’d remembered from my childhood in my grandmothers basement. It was a manual ice crusher, with a crank and container that would catch the ice as it mangled it into frozen goodness.

I remember my grandmother telling me not to stick my fingers in there as it would surely hack them off, and then what would I do…. My son got the same advice from me as I showed him how it worked. I then asked him  ” Who do you think would like to have something like this?”.. without blinking an eye, he blurted “Uncle Blake”.. I agreed and as we moved through the checkout and out into the cold winter wind, I just hope that he’ll remember that afternoon adventure into the past’s of others with his Dad teaching a lesson that Giving is one of Gods greatest gifts


I am part of a group of men who can trace their heritage back to the American Revolution. My ancestor Patriot is Samuel Swearingen who fought with the 7th Maryland Militia. This is by far the most humbling experience. To be around men who have more than one (we call them supplemental) there are a few who have and can trace up to 60 of their relatives to their family that fought, or were someway connected to the Fight for America’s Freedom. I am honored to be a part of this organization, Both of my sons have gotten applications in for approval as Junior members and it’s a legacy that I am proud to pass on to the next generation of my familyDSC05380


Blog Compromised

Due to an unfortunate balloon accident over the Orange bowl in a previous life, my website blog had to be deleted and I’ve had to start all over again, I will write about Food, Voice Over, Audio Production, Family, and stuff that makes me laugh.. hope it inspires you.. oh and I may say something political too, so umm yeah be aware of that and cheeze whiz