Teachable Moments..

I took the opportunity to teach my 4 year old what I hope to be a valuable life lesson in giving this Christmas.  As a family, we decided to use Thrift Stores and Flea Markets to find unique gifts for each other. Having wandered the endless aisles of “treasures”  which included a prosthetic leg, a massive collection of house keys, beanie babies and the occasional Brittany Spears doll we happened upon an antique store in Independence Missouri and it was a nice stroll through the memories of others.

My son asked lots of questions about things, like what does this do? why did people wear that? what does this thing do?… I came upon a makeup compact that was probably at least 40 years old as it was made of metal and had a little weight to it, I asked my son if he knew what this was and he said it was something his Aunt used a lot, but her’s was plastic. I asked him if he thought she would like this one and he nodded confidently and we proceeded to the next aisle perusing through the nick-knacks when we came upon an item I’d remembered from my childhood in my grandmothers basement. It was a manual ice crusher, with a crank and container that would catch the ice as it mangled it into frozen goodness.

I remember my grandmother telling me not to stick my fingers in there as it would surely hack them off, and then what would I do…. My son got the same advice from me as I showed him how it worked. I then asked him  ” Who do you think would like to have something like this?”.. without blinking an eye, he blurted “Uncle Blake”.. I agreed and as we moved through the checkout and out into the cold winter wind, I just hope that he’ll remember that afternoon adventure into the past’s of others with his Dad teaching a lesson that Giving is one of Gods greatest gifts


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