Becoming One With The Bean

Every year about this time we go through the ritual of making useless resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking , save more money (not this coming year fiscal cliffies) and generally be better people than we were the previous 365 days. Yeah well, I say lets make a pot of blackeyed beans (or peas if you must) and use that politically incorrect “old wives” tale of it bringing us good luck and throw dust to the wind and give it the old college try,, wait I haven’t exhausted my supply of cliche’ positive reinforcement statements yet.. Ok, I’ll stop.. the point being, Life is what you make it.

As a God fearing Catholic, I firmly believe that its God’s will what is in store for me in the coming year, I’ll leave it in his (or hers, no offence to those that want or choose to believe otherwise) loving hands to guide me through another 365 days of whatever it brings.  I’ll become one with the bean and hope that the one cheek sneak is not in an elevator


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