The Woes of Homeownership and God Sends

My wife and I after careful consideration and the birth of our second son decided to put our house on the market to try and move a little closer to her mom so we could basically move into a smaller more affordable home closer to both our jobs and yes we also would take advantage of the prospect of a sitter.  Now, jump ahead about 2 months, after replacing the kitchen countertops, and sink, painting the entire downstairs, and the powder room, cleaning, decluttering and staging our home we put it on the Market and start showing the property.

About 2 weeks ago I am unloading the dishwasher when I notice when I step on the laminate floor, water is seaping up through it..uh oh we’ve got a leak, but not just any leak, I head to the basement to shut the water off and check it out, and there is a puddle of water about the size of a small lake in my basement, I have no idea how long this has been leaking, where the leak is, or what I’m going to do.

Yesterday, we get the insurance claim back, it’s a substantial loss to the home, as I have now to replace the entire kitchen floor, the now beginning to mold subfloor, and all the trim around the back door, kitchen and living area. I am not happy..

Two things ok, maybe more than 2,

God Send 1. We caught the leak before it really damaged the home. God Send 2. The new flooring will be an improvement in selling the property. God Send 3. The help of our family in getting trucks, help removing the floors, compressed air nailers and everything else that goes with it. God Send 4. Insurance adjuster that GETS IT!



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