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I’m Really A Foodie

Ok, so for the last 15 years, I’ve been the cook in our family, my wife makes awesome meatloaf, and killer pancakes, but for the most part, I do all the cooking, I’m addicted to DDD with Guy Fieri and Chopped is one of my favs too.. I’ve got a couple of friends who enjoy it as well.. My brother inlaw Blake and a former boss Thom, So I thought I’d share a recipe from my collection, and one from a co-worker I learned yesterday…. ready?
Mine is pretty simple:
8 Thomas English Muffins /halved
Enough FRESH chunk Crab Meat to top each
or if you have to go with canned crab ( last resort) at least 2 6oz cans drained
1 Pat of real butter on each muffin
add two tblsp of Crab meat
sprinkle with Crushed Red Pepper
broil until edges are golden brown and enjoy
Pretty simple!

From Theresa my co-worker..
Pot Pie Muffins:

Pillsbury (or Generic) Can Biscuits
Muffin Mold
Microwaved Steamed Vegetables (I do Medley)and you don’t have to do microwave, but its easier
Cream of Chicken Soup ( or Cream of Mushroom)
combine the medley of veggies and soup in a sep bowl season to taste and set aside
take a biscuit and split it in half as best you can, take one half and mold it into the muffin pan creating a “bowl”, fill the bowl with the soup/veggie, top with other half of biscuit bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes or until golden brown, serve and enjoy, or freeze and have them for lunch..
See Guys can cook too…


What matters most?

I admit I’m addicted to talk radio, I stopped listening actively to music radio on 9/11 and have been primarily listening to talk radio since. I listen to them all when I can, but what depresses me most is that the one group I used to admire the most (MSM) has fallen into this left leaning trap. We have this broad spectrum of people who feel that something is owed them, that government will give them everything they need to survive and they’ll just keep tearing bits and pieces of the fabric of our Nation apart by willfully cheating the system. I’m all for people who actually NEED this assistance, but I cannot and will not support someone who can physically work, but chooses to let tax paying Americans foot their lifestyles. It’s a very sickening sight to watch someone use Foodstamps or an EBT card, then step out and into a 80K Mercedes.. We all know how they came about the vehicle, its not that hard to figure out.  

But it just appalls me because I cannot forget the faces of the kids I met in 1981 in Cairo Egypt as a member of our Armed Services, they had their hands out begging for anything, food, money, anything of value, I thought back then as a brash 21 year old know it all that this was pitiful, how can they live this way?

Then I remember the kid in one of the high schools I attended (I”m a Navy Brat so I moved a lot ) Chopticon High School in Patuxent River Maryland (roughly), this kid lived in a shack, literally a shack, the other kids chastised him for having an “odor”, but I kept my thoughts to myself, I can’t help but wonder whatever happened to this young man, did he make it, did he get out of the shack and make his life better? I can only hope that he did, this brings me to my point to begin with, the ” mainstream media/journalists” that I so admired when I got into this business, are no longer admirable, they only report their opinions, not actual news. Benghazi, what happened? Who’s accountable, certainly noone in the current administration is taking responsibility, where are the survivors?, why can’t they speak?  

The “journalists” should be ashamed, wouldn’t you agree?

Groups of Social Mess

I belong to so many social groups, twitter, fb, linkedin,tumblr where does the marketing strategy take me when marketing to young adults for gaining business relationships? I have loads of contacts, but I’m not quite sure how to get them interested in my business as client or customer, I don’t want to come across as “needy” but I need the business., they (the prospect) needs the service, as does everyone who can readily afford it.. its’ somewhat disheartening.. more to come