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How to “Bore People” and “Stay Anonymous” at a networking event

How to “Bore People” and “Stay Anonymous” at a networking event.

Pretty great article, I thought I’d share it, and I don’t have a Grey or Beige suit


The season

It’s finally here, that glorious time of year we all wait patiently for, yes Opening Day is here, I always am excited for Opening Day, the smell of a fresh batch of hot dogs, the echo of the vendors as they stroll the aisles hawking their wares., the sound of the batting practice as the ricochet clack bounces off the stadium, ahh the smell of baseball, new gloves, hats, helmets that haven’t been pounded with pine tar resin in the bat preparations in the on deck circle. I am grateful that I live in a country that allows us to participate in one of the great past times of all time. I’m always optimistic that my hometown team will have a great season and make the playoffs, with a potential to win the Series, but it hasn’t happened in long time for this Royals fan.. oh all my other favorite teams have won, Tigers and Cardinals. but for us Royals fans, it’s a love of the team and it’s stadium, we’re true fans no matter the outcome of the season. We’ll always be there cheering them on, no matter how bad they are. They are our team, and this year, I just know it, this year will be the year…….maybe