Mistakes made, lessons learned

Ok, well everyone makes mistakes, perhaps I did as well, I thought that a change in my career path was necessary, I wasn’t making enough in my current profession to keep up with demands in the family, what with daycare, fuel, food and bills, we’ve got more going out than in and that’s not good. I made a decision to try my hand at Sales, with a lot of time in the broadcast industry, I felt I had experienced the sales efforts of our dedicated pros enough that I too might bask in the glory of closing the deal and experiencing the sheer joy of receiving the commissions checks, and that it would just snowball and my family would be saved from the evil debt devils…. nah, didn’t happen that way, I got licensed to sell health and life insurance and then proceeded to pitch my friends and family on the importance of it, but all I did was alienate them all, well not all,, just the ones that are important to me, ok all of them.. I have since backed out of the contract the insurance company and re-evaluated my career decisions, what now?,, well,, I’m thinking something to do with something I love, well besides radio,, I love HGTV’s DIY type shows, and the process of buying selling homes, but.. I want to work like Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes.. as an inspector and own my own business,, work for myself for once.. we’ll see.. oh gotta go,, I’ll keep you informed..


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