The hardest part of age

So, I’ve been tossing around ideas with Christen about how we can become self sufficient and self employed and still be able to keep our heads above the water. NYLife didn’t work out for me as I didn’t want to alienate my friends any longer.

We’ve talked about her going back to school to fulfill a dream of being in the healthcare field. I’m all for it, however that won’t pay the bills while that’s happening, I’ve talked a little about doing what we both love in the home improvement arena, I think we could make a go of being Home Inspectors and own our own business. Again, that doesn’t pay the bills whilst the learning is fed to our brains.  

So? what does God have planned? I wish I knew, I have faith that He will provide the guidance, the knowledge, the support, the inspiration to do what we’re supposed to do to give our sons the life we want for them… Ideas, I welcome them, prayers? yah you betcha! 

The hardest part of age is, well age, I’m no spring chicken, and although I can keep up with the young whippersnappers, I have to be realistic about it too. I have life experience, and really, that’s what counts, how you take what God has given you, and make the most of it. 

There I said it, I feel better, perhaps yoga would help, do they make yoga pants for guys?,, yeah, that is not a good mental image is it.


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