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How Does one write a novel?

I have this re-occurring day dream of writing a novel about a dude who is captured by aliens and sent to live on the moon in the year 2113 but he is taken in 2013..
No really, I have the conversation in my head, but can’t figure out how to write it so that it’s a good piece of science fiction that will be a great read, and then how it will then be turned into an after-school special with those crazy kids from Nickelodeon as the principles.
Oh sure, I guess I could go back to novel writing school and pretend that I know college english backwards forwards and in-between, or that somewhere there is a college professor who professes’ his love of words and then teaches you how to group them together in a meaningful way that will correspond to the story.
But, then I look at J.K. Rowling and how she came from eating out of a dumpster to writing this incredible story that has made her a bazillionaire and perhaps one of the great story tellers of this century..
I should really think about this story of mine, maybe create a plot line, character development, transitional story line and multi-faceted character development.. nahhh.
Think I’ll just write what comes to me in dreams, and then let the aliens sort it out..


Moving… again….

It’s one of the hardest things ever,, you know you hate to do it, but there comes a time when you have to, you’ve sold your property,, time to move to something different.  A change in latitude, means a change in attitude, and I’m all about the ‘tudes dude.. 


I hate it, all your stuff is either crammed in a storage unit collecting bugs, dust and the occasional mouse turd.. all your other stuff is out of place in your current domicile and you are trying to find the right place to move to before your new owners tell you, “ummm hey, yeah, we bought this place, and we like you.. but you gotta go mmmkay?”

Then, when you do find the perfect new place to put your stuff, it’s usually either in a snow storm or the asphalt is melting.. it’s never the “perfect” day to move… totally blows…

Ok, so now you’re ready, you’ve rented the massive uhaulit truck, with the windows that don’t roll up or down, a radio that only gets the Univision channel (nothing wrong with that, but I don’t understand the lyrics soooooo….) and you head to your new place to put your stuff.. the perfect (or perfect for this time frame in your life) place to sleep, eat, love, grow, live….

You’ve called everyone you know that might be able to lift at least 20 pounds, promised them this is the LAST time you’ll ever ask them to help you move, remind them that they owe you one for helping them move that one time in August when it was so brutally hot that the asphalt indeed was melting, provided Pizza, wings, beer, pop, chocolate whatever it takes to get them to help you pack your stuff and haul it to your next place of residence….. 

Moving Day (no matter what it’s happening today, whatever the circumstance).. that one dude you knew probably wouldn’t show up does, you know,, the one you invited to your wedding that smelled like greasy food, cigarettes and tequila.. ALL THE TIME.. yeah he’s the only one who shows, and mainly because of the free food and he wants to make sure that you will now OWE HIM ONE.. 


Done, took all day, half the night, you moved all your stuff into your new place.. now the house is eerily quiet.. not a sound, except your spouse whose snoring is so cute,  The dog, cat and the kids are all sprawled out on the couch, they’ve had it, so have you.. 

You’re Home… 


For now…..

What a shame…

Ok, well A-Rod is done for the 2014 season for banned substance abuse, along with the disciplinary action on 13 other players.. Apparently the Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa/ and ol’ what’s his name, oh you know that guy that broke Hank Aarons Home run record,, old age sucks sometimes, I’ll remember when I’m driving home from work.. is it not enough that these guys are bringing home bazillions of dollars, playing a game they’ve played all their lives, that they have to resort to PED’s to maintain their edge?.. What happened to skill, practice, the weight room?.. I find it very sad really.
My nephew has been an A-Rod fan since he was 9 (he turns 16 tomorrow), what does this mean for his biggest hero to suddenly be banned for a year from a sport he loves to play and compete at?.. it means that A-Rod let him down, as did the others who resort to PED to help them achieve what they perceive as “greatness”.

Personally, i despise them for it, I would rather they all bet on baseball ala Pete Rose than turn to drugs to help him with some sort of “advantage”.. for the good of the game, I hope he retires, and sells cars somewhere..

Who moved my cheese?

I don’t often write about things like this but I have come to the conclusion that if my cheese (a metaphor obviously) had been moved decades ago, where would I be today, what would I be doing?. I have often wondered about the “destiny” clause in our lives, that if one thing is out of place or if a wrong turn is made, our lives are forever changed and that path has been turned on , is one that we must continue to walk, run, ride, skate…

I started looking back over the last 5 years of my life, the birth of my first son, and the extreme joy it brought us that after so many years of trying, God finally said, “Yeah, ok, you’re ready to be a Parent finally…”

Full disclosure now, I was a first time parent while my classmates are becoming Grandparents.. then the birth of our second son and the extreme joy he is bringing to my life.

Where would I be had I not given a yellow rose and a kiss to my best friend some 17 years ago?.. I really, truly believe that I would not be writing this now, I would be writing about dog poop on my car, or how drunk the guys were at the bar last night..

Instead, I can write about how my 8 month old smiles at everyone he meets, how he looks EXACTLY like his mother, or how my soon to be 5 year old loves pajamas, Superheros, and Mac-N-Cheese , Aunt Gun, and Gramma’s.

This slight movement in my “cheese” has provided my life with smiles, trials, new found impatience, and oh, yes, poopy diapers,, see how I  did that and worked that into my observation..

Great Radio

I’m listening to one of my favorite talk radio hosts #Rush on his 26th anniversary in talk radio here in Kansas City on KMBZ and it brings to mind lots of great moments in my 24th year of broadcasting,

Although I don’t have the claim to fame Rush and my other heroes have, I do have fond memories of great radio, and the personalities that go with them.

Meeting Johnny Dare for the first time in 99′ I was in awe at his delivery, his timing and his unabashed dislike of authority. Hanging out with Max, Tanna and Moffit from KYYS (99.7 version ) and talking with Max about the early days of KY on the air and what it was like being inducted to the RR Hall of Fame, WDAF’s David Lawrence and his unique brand of morning humor, Ted Cramer who by far is one the greatest of Country Radio,

Meeting Mancow at the wedding of my dear friend Roger Carson is something I will never forget, these people helped shape who I was as a broadcast pro, helped me learn my craft and make it better.

I’ve often wondered what our world would be like without the likes of the local radio heroes, the people you love to meet, love to listen to, and mourn when they’re gone.

I’ve spent almost a quarter century in this passion, I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did make a lot of life-long friendships. As you listen to your favorite radio station and their personalities, remember that they love what they do, they wouldn’t do anything else and their job isn’t really a job it really is a passion.