Great Radio

I’m listening to one of my favorite talk radio hosts #Rush on his 26th anniversary in talk radio here in Kansas City on KMBZ and it brings to mind lots of great moments in my 24th year of broadcasting,

Although I don’t have the claim to fame Rush and my other heroes have, I do have fond memories of great radio, and the personalities that go with them.

Meeting Johnny Dare for the first time in 99′ I was in awe at his delivery, his timing and his unabashed dislike of authority. Hanging out with Max, Tanna and Moffit from KYYS (99.7 version ) and talking with Max about the early days of KY on the air and what it was like being inducted to the RR Hall of Fame, WDAF’s David Lawrence and his unique brand of morning humor, Ted Cramer who by far is one the greatest of Country Radio,

Meeting Mancow at the wedding of my dear friend Roger Carson is something I will never forget, these people helped shape who I was as a broadcast pro, helped me learn my craft and make it better.

I’ve often wondered what our world would be like without the likes of the local radio heroes, the people you love to meet, love to listen to, and mourn when they’re gone.

I’ve spent almost a quarter century in this passion, I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did make a lot of life-long friendships. As you listen to your favorite radio station and their personalities, remember that they love what they do, they wouldn’t do anything else and their job isn’t really a job it really is a passion.


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