What a shame…

Ok, well A-Rod is done for the 2014 season for banned substance abuse, along with the disciplinary action on 13 other players.. Apparently the Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa/ and ol’ what’s his name, oh you know that guy that broke Hank Aarons Home run record,, old age sucks sometimes, I’ll remember when I’m driving home from work.. is it not enough that these guys are bringing home bazillions of dollars, playing a game they’ve played all their lives, that they have to resort to PED’s to maintain their edge?.. What happened to skill, practice, the weight room?.. I find it very sad really.
My nephew has been an A-Rod fan since he was 9 (he turns 16 tomorrow), what does this mean for his biggest hero to suddenly be banned for a year from a sport he loves to play and compete at?.. it means that A-Rod let him down, as did the others who resort to PED to help them achieve what they perceive as “greatness”.

Personally, i despise them for it, I would rather they all bet on baseball ala Pete Rose than turn to drugs to help him with some sort of “advantage”.. for the good of the game, I hope he retires, and sells cars somewhere..


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