Moving… again….

It’s one of the hardest things ever,, you know you hate to do it, but there comes a time when you have to, you’ve sold your property,, time to move to something different.  A change in latitude, means a change in attitude, and I’m all about the ‘tudes dude.. 


I hate it, all your stuff is either crammed in a storage unit collecting bugs, dust and the occasional mouse turd.. all your other stuff is out of place in your current domicile and you are trying to find the right place to move to before your new owners tell you, “ummm hey, yeah, we bought this place, and we like you.. but you gotta go mmmkay?”

Then, when you do find the perfect new place to put your stuff, it’s usually either in a snow storm or the asphalt is melting.. it’s never the “perfect” day to move… totally blows…

Ok, so now you’re ready, you’ve rented the massive uhaulit truck, with the windows that don’t roll up or down, a radio that only gets the Univision channel (nothing wrong with that, but I don’t understand the lyrics soooooo….) and you head to your new place to put your stuff.. the perfect (or perfect for this time frame in your life) place to sleep, eat, love, grow, live….

You’ve called everyone you know that might be able to lift at least 20 pounds, promised them this is the LAST time you’ll ever ask them to help you move, remind them that they owe you one for helping them move that one time in August when it was so brutally hot that the asphalt indeed was melting, provided Pizza, wings, beer, pop, chocolate whatever it takes to get them to help you pack your stuff and haul it to your next place of residence….. 

Moving Day (no matter what it’s happening today, whatever the circumstance).. that one dude you knew probably wouldn’t show up does, you know,, the one you invited to your wedding that smelled like greasy food, cigarettes and tequila.. ALL THE TIME.. yeah he’s the only one who shows, and mainly because of the free food and he wants to make sure that you will now OWE HIM ONE.. 


Done, took all day, half the night, you moved all your stuff into your new place.. now the house is eerily quiet.. not a sound, except your spouse whose snoring is so cute,  The dog, cat and the kids are all sprawled out on the couch, they’ve had it, so have you.. 

You’re Home… 


For now…..


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