How Does one write a novel?

I have this re-occurring day dream of writing a novel about a dude who is captured by aliens and sent to live on the moon in the year 2113 but he is taken in 2013..
No really, I have the conversation in my head, but can’t figure out how to write it so that it’s a good piece of science fiction that will be a great read, and then how it will then be turned into an after-school special with those crazy kids from Nickelodeon as the principles.
Oh sure, I guess I could go back to novel writing school and pretend that I know college english backwards forwards and in-between, or that somewhere there is a college professor who professes’ his love of words and then teaches you how to group them together in a meaningful way that will correspond to the story.
But, then I look at J.K. Rowling and how she came from eating out of a dumpster to writing this incredible story that has made her a bazillionaire and perhaps one of the great story tellers of this century..
I should really think about this story of mine, maybe create a plot line, character development, transitional story line and multi-faceted character development.. nahhh.
Think I’ll just write what comes to me in dreams, and then let the aliens sort it out..


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