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Colors of Change

Fall is my favorite time of year I’ve discovered. Where else can you watch the yearly demise of the leaves, grass and bushes of the previous summer swelter. This year is a wonderful kaleidoscope of orange, brown, red yellow and olive. We drove across the city yesterday and on the way home, instead of taking the drab “big ol highway” we scampered back across the city, weaving through the various neighborhoods, taking in the splendor of the color that blankets these diverse places in the heart of the city.. It was an awe inspiring tribute to God’s handiwork with the paintbrush that is nature.. I hope your neighborhood is just as colorful as mine


Fall, Halloween and the tricks

When I was a kid ( many many moons ago), halloween was awesome, we would go from neighborhood to neighborhood with our pillow cases and load up on the most deliciousness (is that even a word?) there ever was,

Pixie stix, hot picks, blopops, candy corn (yes the dreaded candy corn, but I love it to this day) Hershey kisses and loads of bubble gum, apples, oranges, taffy, BlackJack licorice gum.. (ask your grandpa)… It was a dentist’s dream (or nightmare depending..) and we loved it….

then in 1972 the most terrible thing of all happened.

Some deprived maniacal lunatic put a razor blade in an apple and Halloween was forever changed.

The treats were no subject to massive scrutiny by parents, they now were advised to accompany their kids to only the houses that they knew were safe, Halloween became a parental nightmare year and year out….the most gloriously thrilling holiday (besides Christmas of course) is Halloween. What other pagan holiday celebrates the dead, by asking children to do tricks for treats.. btw my favorite trick of all time is the poo in the fire sack trick on my least favorite neighbor.. ahhhh the good ole’ days..

I miss them sometimes..

but I have surprise for the kiddos that try the old poo trick.. it’s called a video camera and I’ll come to your house and poop in your cereal if you try at my house…… again

Don’t forget to breathe…..

Wow, I’m going over some audiobook copy and have come across a sentence structure that literally doesn’t allow me to “breathe”. It’s one continuous thought. Now, when the author wrote it,, he wasn’t thinking of how this would sound out loud he was writing in his mind and it flowed through to the pen ( or laptop whatevs…). I had to re-write the “moment” so I can breathe, give pause, give thought reflection, and evoke emotion.

Same thing when writing or delivering commercial copy.. you have to breathe, otherwise it sounds like you took one massive breath and read that :60 script without a chance to pause, give it emotion, give it time to sink in. Want a great example?,, ok, take any article from any mainstream media outlet, your daily paper is a good example. Go right to the front page and pick any story. Now.. read it aloud as if you are telling the story, Did the “journalist” write the story to be read in your head (silently) or aloud?.. Go ahead.. I’ll wait………………… Now remember that when you’re writing and delivering copy.. Don’t forget to breathe

Mooooving forward

Oh hey, how’s it goin, just hanging out on a Friday, dubbing spots, reading scripts watching the clouds roll by from my studio window and waiting to see what happens with this Cow that has somehow wandered into the city,, yes the city. She’ (or I assume its a “she”, doesn’t have horns but what do I know .. I’m no bovine expert) is grazing comfortably on the native plains grasses the city planted as part of the “Prairie” initiative, I imagine they are quite tasty to this graceful beast who will probably end up on a plate, in a shoe store, or in a parade.. oh wait.. here they come,,, hang on…. yep it’s the rancher,, and he walks calmly up to it.. attaches some sort of leash/harness.. and oop nope, it’s not havin it.. not gonna go,, food is too good here.. now she’s plodding slowly up the concrete walkway to her mobile homestead. Fascinating…. only in Cowtown,,, Kansas City USA

The Techie side of Radio Production

Ok, so you’ve all been in this business for a while right?,, good, when it comes to new technology you can’t blink because the new software you bought last week is now woefully outdated.. yeah I know so your point?.. ok, look if you have something that works for you, don’t jump on the next tech boat to Asia and spend money you haven’t made yet on something that is probably still working out the bugs,, I’m still using Adobe Audition 1.5 on a Windows 7 platform ( I have 5.5 too) and it works just fine, Use what gets the job done and done in a manner that helps you minimize downtime. Now , hold on a minute I am not saying to NOT learn these new software gems, because eventually you will need to upgrade, it is what it is. Why the rant?,, yeah well, I see more ppl dumping their tried and true recording software for the latest and greatest, only to be extremely frustrated that they can’t get it to do what they want , when the want.. btw, the Iphone10 is due out any second now…… gotta run, I’m outta china markers, razor blades and this Otari is in need of a new capstan.. (if you know what I just said, you can relate).. Busta Lip

Keeping it real

Ok, so I’m recording a new audio book and the content is of a religious nature and written in tech speak (to a point). I am having a really hard time relating the book into a conversational approach. I don’t use the language its written in, in everyday conversation. Very challenging indeed, what are your challenges?
Are you a writer?, do you write like you speak, or do you try to impress upon the recipient of your copy/script words that are not only difficult to say, but to try and convey it in a conversational tone is extremely challenging..
Do you record books like these? How do you overcome this obstacle?..
Do you like chocolate.. yeah me too, just thought I’d throw that out there to make sure you were still reading.. thanks for dropping by.. as someone famous once said…”see ya in the funny papers”,, what does that really mean anyway..