The Techie side of Radio Production

Ok, so you’ve all been in this business for a while right?,, good, when it comes to new technology you can’t blink because the new software you bought last week is now woefully outdated.. yeah I know so your point?.. ok, look if you have something that works for you, don’t jump on the next tech boat to Asia and spend money you haven’t made yet on something that is probably still working out the bugs,, I’m still using Adobe Audition 1.5 on a Windows 7 platform ( I have 5.5 too) and it works just fine, Use what gets the job done and done in a manner that helps you minimize downtime. Now , hold on a minute I am not saying to NOT learn these new software gems, because eventually you will need to upgrade, it is what it is. Why the rant?,, yeah well, I see more ppl dumping their tried and true recording software for the latest and greatest, only to be extremely frustrated that they can’t get it to do what they want , when the want.. btw, the Iphone10 is due out any second now…… gotta run, I’m outta china markers, razor blades and this Otari is in need of a new capstan.. (if you know what I just said, you can relate).. Busta Lip


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