Mooooving forward

Oh hey, how’s it goin, just hanging out on a Friday, dubbing spots, reading scripts watching the clouds roll by from my studio window and waiting to see what happens with this Cow that has somehow wandered into the city,, yes the city. She’ (or I assume its a “she”, doesn’t have horns but what do I know .. I’m no bovine expert) is grazing comfortably on the native plains grasses the city planted as part of the “Prairie” initiative, I imagine they are quite tasty to this graceful beast who will probably end up on a plate, in a shoe store, or in a parade.. oh wait.. here they come,,, hang on…. yep it’s the rancher,, and he walks calmly up to it.. attaches some sort of leash/harness.. and oop nope, it’s not havin it.. not gonna go,, food is too good here.. now she’s plodding slowly up the concrete walkway to her mobile homestead. Fascinating…. only in Cowtown,,, Kansas City USA


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