Don’t forget to breathe…..

Wow, I’m going over some audiobook copy and have come across a sentence structure that literally doesn’t allow me to “breathe”. It’s one continuous thought. Now, when the author wrote it,, he wasn’t thinking of how this would sound out loud he was writing in his mind and it flowed through to the pen ( or laptop whatevs…). I had to re-write the “moment” so I can breathe, give pause, give thought reflection, and evoke emotion.

Same thing when writing or delivering commercial copy.. you have to breathe, otherwise it sounds like you took one massive breath and read that :60 script without a chance to pause, give it emotion, give it time to sink in. Want a great example?,, ok, take any article from any mainstream media outlet, your daily paper is a good example. Go right to the front page and pick any story. Now.. read it aloud as if you are telling the story, Did the “journalist” write the story to be read in your head (silently) or aloud?.. Go ahead.. I’ll wait………………… Now remember that when you’re writing and delivering copy.. Don’t forget to breathe


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