Fall, Halloween and the tricks

When I was a kid ( many many moons ago), halloween was awesome, we would go from neighborhood to neighborhood with our pillow cases and load up on the most deliciousness (is that even a word?) there ever was,

Pixie stix, hot picks, blopops, candy corn (yes the dreaded candy corn, but I love it to this day) Hershey kisses and loads of bubble gum, apples, oranges, taffy, BlackJack licorice gum.. (ask your grandpa)… It was a dentist’s dream (or nightmare depending..) and we loved it….

then in 1972 the most terrible thing of all happened.

Some deprived maniacal lunatic put a razor blade in an apple and Halloween was forever changed.

The treats were no subject to massive scrutiny by parents, they now were advised to accompany their kids to only the houses that they knew were safe, Halloween became a parental nightmare year and year out….the most gloriously thrilling holiday (besides Christmas of course) is Halloween. What other pagan holiday celebrates the dead, by asking children to do tricks for treats.. btw my favorite trick of all time is the poo in the fire sack trick on my least favorite neighbor.. ahhhh the good ole’ days..

I miss them sometimes..

but I have surprise for the kiddos that try the old poo trick.. it’s called a video camera and I’ll come to your house and poop in your cereal if you try at my house…… again


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