The artful coloration of prose

I sometimes sit back and wonder when people write books, especially ones that deal with things like psychological or emotional issues, religion and what not, why they insist on using language that only Mensa members understand or comprehend…. I mean, I write like I speak generally, I try not to confuse my self or my listeners with words they need a dictionary to understand.. so why do authors insist on writing in this “text book” style?.. Beats the crap outta me, perhaps its their egos, perhaps their peers will see it and think.. “wow he used the word perfunctorily in a very descriptive way”… what a load of crap.. people don’t speak at dinner parties like this do they?.. If I were on a an elevator with you and used the word “perfunctorily”, would you know what I was talking about?.. yeah, me neither.. by the way,, it means characterized by routine or superficiality.. yeah whatevs.. just don’t use it in radio ad copy ok?.. seriously don’t


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