Christmas… again

Once again, this glorious holiday has snuck up on me. How about you?, are your ready for the mega glitz of all the shopping nightmares,, ohhhh, that’s right you braved the idiocy of shopping on Thanksgiving night and B-Friday like the rest of us idiots didn’t you.. Ok, lemme be clear (famous phrase intended), I hate shopping for anything  that doesn’t involve either food, tools or sporting equipment,, ok maybe a new techie gadgety thingy or two, but that’s it,, but this year, I was asked by my soulmate to venture into the great unknown of a holiday shopping black hole and see what I could learn from watching seemingly normal people beat the shit out of each other to save $5 on an Elmo Doll, or whatever the kids want this year..

I was pleasantly surprised to find not only orderly, friendly people in my neighborhood Target’/ToysRU/BabiesRGreat store but I actually “enjoyed” the experience.. now before you yank my Bro Code Card, I was doing research, and research only,, Full disclosure I shop for Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, just like my dad did and his dad before him.. it’s a genetic traditional trait I will pass along to my sons who will no undoubtedly pass it from generation to generation.. it’s what we do, we’re men..

I hope that this year, when you finally get all the things done, spent, ate whatever you do to justify what seems like an entire years worth of beef jerky money on things for your family and friends you hope that they’ll like and appreciate but probably won’t and it will end up in the basement in box labeled DONATE.. where am I going with this, Oh yeah..

Please won’t you find some time to think about the less fortunate, the homeless, the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, the mentally handicapped and challenged people of your community. Sure, buy the things for the loved ones in your family, but think of these people too,, I suggest that you buy a pair of winter gloves , maybe a scarf, and put it in a small gift bag along with a$10 bill, toss it in the front seat of your car  and the next time you’re sitting at the stop light and the man or woman standing there with that look that seriously will melt paint, you’ll be able to roll your window down and as that warm car air blows outside, you can hand it to them, Wish them a Merry Christmas, and God Bless..

That’s my Christmas Wish this about you?


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