What happened to the z generation?

We all know about Gen X, and Generation Y, but what about Generation Z?,, ohhhh you don’t know about generation z.. hmm lemme see,, were you born between the years 1960 and 1966?  Did you live in a tiny (well it was tiny at the time,, not so much now ) ok well you’re part of generation z, we’re the generation that had cell phones the size of a small carry on, video games consisted of Galactica, Pong, Space Invaders and Ms Pac-man, we hung out in pool halls, gas was less than a dollar, Friday nights we’re cruising the 4-way, wavin at everyone, football, basketball, college, no wait, that came later for me.. anyway, those days have long since passed, now we’re approaching that area of our life where some of us have grandkids, (imma late bloomer, I’ve got a 5yr old and a 1 year old,,yeah don’t start…)

Where was I.. oh yeah the good ol’ days,, yeah they were fun, then we had to grow up become responsible (some of us) have careers, start new ones, retire, start again, lose our life savings in the crush of 08′, regain them very slowly, build again, and life goes on.. we work, we play, we live, we breathe, we survive hurricanes, tornadoes, cancer, divorce and the deaths of friends and family.

Through all of this, We remain optimistic because that is who we are, we’re Generation Z and through the Grace of God , we will survive to see another day, another Christmas, another trip around the sun and we’ll do it with hard work and hard play, we’ll do it with ingenuity, integrity, honesty and with a little help from our friends (( Beatles word play)).

Why am I spouting off about this, and why now?  Maybe I’m a disenfranchised American who’s had just about enough of the “you owe me” generation.. yeah I know, I know,, stfu