The ultimate gift in VO

Ok, so most of my ramblings have little to do with Voice Over, but this is the time of year where I’m inundated with the crappiest of craptacular client written,voiced and in some cases produced spots, yes, seriously dudes, I got an email with a spot the “client” did on their IPhone, now granted I’ll give them the *benefit* for using technology to record a commercial, but for the love of all that is Radio and the sanity of the massively talented production pros please just leave this to us, this is what you pay hard earned money to advertise.

Ok, now that I’ve vented, lets move on to the gist of this post.. the ultimate gift in VO. If you ever have the opportunity to use your God given talents to voice something for the blind, narrate an audiobook gratis for benefit of the Veteran who lost his sight in Iraq, Afghanistan or any where for that matter, please consider it. Record PSA’s for The Wounded Warrior Project,, volunteer to read their mail at the VA hospitals. Seriously people, your voice needs to be heard, and it’s not about you, its about what you give back to your communities that will matter the most, not just during the Christmas Season, but all year round.

Now, more of my rant on the craptastic ads that will come into your mail and here’s one that just came into my email.. are you ready?.. Opening line, and I’m not kidding….

HO HO HOLY CRAP ITS CHRISTMAS.. (please read in Santa Voice, and use sleighbell sfx, with reindeer snorts, hoof stomps throughout, also we don’t want “christmasy” music, use something upbeat and less christmasy and more pop sounding, also we don’t want Santa voice to sound fake)