What the Duck is goin on..

ok, bad pun but I had to at least give my .002 worth whether you like it or not. So.. Phil.. dude.. Nice beard, love your show, love the whole back to nature reality show with your family, your tell it like it is concept, and your words are your words, that’s just it,, they’re only words, how your employer (if you wanna call em that, geez you probably don’t need any money anyway, I mean ya got the Duck Commander going still, plus all the merch…) anyway.. look, whatever anyone else says, thinks, does at the end of the day,, ( Yeah I said it) it’s just your opinion and if the uber-left wing nut jobs (uber-right wing too) want to use your opinions as a national forum on what the LGBT community does or doesn’t do in the privacy of their own homes, or take comments you made out of context, then let em’, who the F cares?..

I support your right to your opinion, I’m glad you shared it with the GQ dudes, you were asked a question, you gave an honest response, should you have been terminated from the show?, Probably not, did AE make a fortune from the brand “Duck Dynasty” in the last 24-48 hours, yeah, yeah they did, so did you, so it’s all good, lets move on, have a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year and get back to what’s really important and that is do you guys make a duck call that is bacon flavored