New Years Revelations

Ok, so everyone, and I mean everyone makes New Years promises to themselves, calls them “resolutions”, I call them lame excuses to not do what you should be doing already. Take quitting smoking, you know it’s bad for you, but you do it anyway,, I know I smoked for 20 years and have been smoke free for 10 now,  just quit already, technology and drugs have caught up and it’s easier than ever.. lose some weight, yeah that’s me every year, and this coming year, I am going to lose 41 1/2 pounds,,,, gee why such an abstract number?, because if I round it off to the nearest pound it will never happen, I’ll never reach the goal, it will always be a 1/2 pound off either there’s that..

Find a better job, ok, well I’m already in the works with that, finding another way to provide for my family is always a priority, and even more so because I’m such a late bloomer father figure, ( btw if you live in MO/KS and I can help you with auto home property casualty life ins. needs or know someone that does, I can help DM me),,, ok thanks for the plugging… now on to the “Revelations” portion of this blog prognostication .. I believe that we all have that revelation in us in some sort of way, now whether your a God fearing person as I am or one of the non-believers matters not, we all get that “light bulb” moment on a massive level.

Why just the other day, I had a revelation that wouldn’t it be easier if paint rollers were easier to clean after using them?,( or are you the type that paints the room then tosses the roller when you’re done? ), here’s a cool idea, take your pressure washer (don’t have one, go to the car wash), use it to blow the freakin paint off the roller.. I suggest buying a crappy old broom breaking the broom part off and just using the pole, put the roller on it or have a neighbor hold it and blast away.. not only is it fun, but you get to blast a neighbor (or at least the car wash stall.)

Ohhhhh, you were expecting another “revelation”.. nahh, I look forward to one day at a time,  Seeing the future would just depress me I think, If I can get through today and make tomorrow better then  today thenI’m satisfied, If I can do one thing for one person that makes them remember me then I believe that’s what the Almighty intended. for you non-believers and the agnostic challenged,, well God Bless you too. Merry Christmas and I hope your New Years Revelations come true..

Hey,, why is there fruitcake in the break room.. that’s just wrong


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