That Time of The Year…again

Keep, trash, keep, trash, the endless cycle of determining what to keep for the new year and what to recycle, throw away or give away. It’s really tough to go through tons of the mental stuff we keep in our brains for what seems like forever isn’t it?

This coming new year, I am going to try something different. If it becomes to hard to maintain, I’ll drop it like its hot.. (lol music refs I’m so lame but seriously ).. this coming new year, I’m going to recycle friendships I’ve made over the years, get in touch with friends that I haven’t spoken to forever ( in some cases decades).

I’m going to throw away bad advice, vibes, ideas that don’t relate to my business at hand, negativity, weight (yeah holiday pounds gotta go).

I’m going to give some advice, more love to my family both extended and close, more of my time to those that need it most, more of my skills that will benefit others, more compassion that I’ve been holding in, more self worth so that I can give myself a chance at succeeding by listening more, listening longer, listening deeper.

Not gonna reinvent the wheel, just going to reinvent me. What are your goals for 2014?


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