College Degrees, Are they really needed?

So, I’m surfin and every job opportunity I come upon has the following:

“Minimum requirements- Bachelors Degree in yada yada yada” or relevant field of study…. “

Ok, so I’ve got 25+ years in the broadcast industry, and somehow this doesn’t qualify. What irritates the crap outta me is the fact that most of these “college” graduates haven’t a clue how life works yet, it takes literally years of work to know what I know, how I know, how I use it, how I mentor others on how it should be done, tricks and tips to make your jobs easier, the list is freakin endless in my opinion.

 Now let me clarify that not ALL college graduates of the younger generation (20 somethings) are this clueless, most are extremely intelligent people who get it, but for the love of everything that my mom and dad taught me, Employers, when you get their resume’s and they are recent graduates of the University of Whatever, set these in one pile, then look at the resume from the seasoned life professional who has worked diligently, gave 111%, and quite frankly doesn’t care what time happy hour is at the club, I gotta family to support’s resume. You’ll see that she/he has indeed paid their life dues, they get it, they know what’s expected of them from the git go, they will be on time, every time, you can call them anytime if you have a question on a project and I guarantee you they will help you solve your problem.

Now that’s not to say the 20 something that you just hired straight outta the dorm room isn’t going to do a good job for you, heck you probably know their parents right?.. yeah that’s what I thought.. so when this brand spankin new college grad comes to you and say’s, “Umm yeah so I’m gonna need to take off here in a few and meet my bff’s for networking” or ” Listen, I was thinking, I could probably do these TIP Reports from my laptop at home on Mondays and just email them to you”.. then you probably should look at the other pile of resumes on your desk, the ones from folks like me, striving, driving hard to achieve a goal that’s always been top of mind and that’s to achieve this Great American Dream..

I know I can do it I just needed to vent,,  overheard in the hallway by a recent grad and 20 something.. “umm do you know what time is quitting time”..

Sure, I know..,, do you?



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