How to be Real

it’s not hard really, be yourself they say, be who you are when you’re talking to your mom, don’t be the douchebag(ette) that people hate, be the person that gets on all fours and barks like a dog for a toddler because its fun, be the person who opens the door for ladies, the elderly, the impaired, the debilitated, the veteran. be the person who doesn’t expect life to be handed to them, you are entitled to breathe, the pursuit of your own happiness, liberty, and if you’re a citizen of my country the right to say what ever you want to whomever you want (within reason of course, don’t be a Dbag). You are not entitled to anything, you have to earn what you deserve. if it means working for minimum wage to feed your kids, do it, if it means sucking up the crap to pay your bills do it, don’t count on others to carry you through life, DO the RIGHT thing. Find a way to help others, pray, live your life, but don’t try to be someone you’re not. *the following is directed at the “A” listers** ¬†Celebrity lasts 15 minutes or less, then it’s just a sad excuse to put your name in a headline, stop please before you hurt someone or yourself. Just be Real.. seriously ppl, lifes too freaking short for it to be anything else


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