Oh, hey,

Glad you stopped by, me.. oh I’m just an old hippie, well sort of, I grew up in lots of places from Florida to Virginia to San Francisco to Missouri. I cook pretty well, love to play golf badly, work as a Voice Actor, Producer and Audiophile. I’m a dad to two beautiful kids, husband to a very loving compassionate woman. I have friends all over the world, I’m active in Social Media you can follow me on Twitter (@slarson) on FaceBook (/slarson) and check out my voice demos if you like on my website 

I write about my life, my family and stupid things I see and hear in broadcasting on the net, and in my day to day interactions with people. I love to help whenever I can , and I have tattoos and they are art and not distractions. I have them because I love art and the art of tattooing.. and I love cookies.


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