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New Opportunities?

Oh man where do I start with this, I’ve updated my bazillonth resume’, networked, netfailed, used all kinds of social media to try and find something that will pay me more than the paltry annual salary I am currently at ( don’t get me wrong, its not bad if I was single, but with a family, I’ve got to find a way to make much more).

Hounding friends is out of the question, but should this be the way to find another passion? I am talented, I know it, and I’m not bashful in saying so,, what I do is a very complex thing, it doesn’t pay the bills however and I’ve got to get something that is above the 60k range just to get my head above the fill line. .. lets see here, let me list some things that I can do maybe I can create something out of thin air…

OTR Truck Driver ( I drove 18 wheelers as a young man, could still do that but would involve being away from family)

Consultant.. probably would be a great job, but need capital to keep the $ flowing

Producer (already doing that, that’s why I’m looking)

Voice Talent (ditto)

Talk Radio Host (maybe)

Ditch Digger (done that too as a young man, probably not going to make 60K doing this)

Carpet Technician (again as younger man, knees wouldn’t be able to take that now)

Dry Waller (yes probably could do this)

Tile Installer(ditto)

well,, that’s pretty much it at this writing.. sad isn’t it?.. No offense to the people that already do these jobs listed above, but I’ve come a long way in this communications career and I’ve got to move on into something different if I want to succeed again. I fancy a gig as an Operations Mgr, Communications Mgr, perhaps Chief of Operations at an NPR station.. perhaps….

oooo I know , I know.. a super talented managerial type hero that specializes in creating and developing winning strategies, ideas and information technologies in an uber-tech society of freshly minted college graduates.




We’ve all come to the conclusion that unless you’re motivated to do something, anything there has to be risk/reward right?.. Sure you’re motivated right now to start the new year off in the biggest, best way possible. Make more money, make new contacts, renew old friendships, communicate more openly with your peers….. but what keeps you motivated all throughout the year?,, seriously people, what is it that makes you wake up every day and smile and say this is the day I seize the moment, run with the ball, step outside of the box.. any of these cliche’s working for you?.. yeah I know it’s hard, but I have to believe (and I do, I really do) that a divine spirit is guiding me through this life, God has blessed me with many things, including two beautiful boys and a loving wife, now I need him/her to guide me to my next “BIG” thing.  I need this motivation to guide my spirit, guide my mind, nudge me in the right direction.. What is that nudge?.. dunno, could be a social media ad, could be a new interaction with a stranger, could be idea that sparks out of nowhere ( like the guy who “invented” the swimming pool noodle floaty thingy)… I need this spark to come into my life right now and I need it to help myself, my family, my legacy.. I’ll use my abilities the best I can to find that next “BIG” thing in my life. What motivates you? umm besides chocolate