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Writing to Write

The second I wrote the title to this blog post, I got a warm fuzzy.. I have found that writing not only relieves stress, it helps me work out things in my mind that just cloud and clutter it up.. For instance, I’ve been challenged by a well known radio host in the Kansas City market to lose 50lbs, now while that sounds like a lot of weight, it really isn’t and I’m sure I’ll be up to the task, but that means no sugar, omg, what? no sugar, no pastry, no candy bars, no milkshakes, no cookies, oh for cryin out loud, does this mean no sugar in my coffee or tea?.. yes, yes it does..

Ok, well now I’m ready, I’ve gotten day 2 of no sugar started, and I’m doing well, temptation is a quirky thing, I know where the chocolate is, I just choose not to eat it.. the cravings are incredible, it’s like when I quit smoking 10 years ago, it was brutal the first few months, but I got used to not smelling like shit and I am all the better for it.

The hard part will be the exercise, now I’ve got these cool apps on my phone, one for walking, it counts your steps and berates you if you don’t meet your goals by shocking you with a taser like weapon, how the phone does that is amazing, the second is a 7 minute workout app, that shows you the exercise, the length is 30 seconds for as many as you can do, then it counts down, if you don’t move into the next exercise, it takes a picture of you and posts it anonymously on social interwebs to make fun of you for not being able to do a push up.. I think I’m gonna do just fine, when you get to a certain point in age, you start worrying about crap like this, I mean, for decades I really didn’t give a crap, but now it takes longer to shed the weight than it did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, and I really really want to lose the moobs


Talk Radio? Podcast?. Hmmmmm

So, I was just sitting around dubbing some barter spots in and listening to Rush (he’s on one of the stations I produce for) and I’ve always wanted to do talk radio, I am a talk radio junkee actually. It all started with 9/11 and from that day forward I rarely listened to music radio anymore, it just wasn’t important enough to me to let it creep into my eardrums, I wanted news, and I wanted it now.. then the internet exploded with every bob, tom and harriet using talk radio to convey their thoughts, their impressions, their diatribes and yes their comedy (adam corrolla).
This leads me to believe that, I too, can delve into this lucrative talk radio scenario and share my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and recipes for crab dip with the world…

How to do it? hmmm blog-talk radio is an option, but marketing that seems a little difficult… getting a PD to listen to 4 minutes of my banter? better.. but unless you’re in a top 30 market you’ll never make any money in it.. ( my opinion any way..).. so what to do.. what to do.. need to do something more to increase my personal wealth to help my family live the life we deserve.. hmmmm my thoughts on this ramble like a tumble weed through Tombstone.. I’ve got to explore this further.. in the mean time,,, I’ve another book to narrate and one on my plate already that I’ll strive to compete by the holidays..

Becoming One With The Bean

Every year about this time we go through the ritual of making useless resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking , save more money (not this coming year fiscal cliffies) and generally be better people than we were the previous 365 days. Yeah well, I say lets make a pot of blackeyed beans (or peas if you must) and use that politically incorrect “old wives” tale of it bringing us good luck and throw dust to the wind and give it the old college try,, wait I haven’t exhausted my supply of cliche’ positive reinforcement statements yet.. Ok, I’ll stop.. the point being, Life is what you make it.

As a God fearing Catholic, I firmly believe that its God’s will what is in store for me in the coming year, I’ll leave it in his (or hers, no offence to those that want or choose to believe otherwise) loving hands to guide me through another 365 days of whatever it brings.  I’ll become one with the bean and hope that the one cheek sneak is not in an elevator