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We’ve all come to the conclusion that unless you’re motivated to do something, anything there has to be risk/reward right?.. Sure you’re motivated right now to start the new year off in the biggest, best way possible. Make more money, make new contacts, renew old friendships, communicate more openly with your peers….. but what keeps you motivated all throughout the year?,, seriously people, what is it that makes you wake up every day and smile and say this is the day I seize the moment, run with the ball, step outside of the box.. any of these cliche’s working for you?.. yeah I know it’s hard, but I have to believe (and I do, I really do) that a divine spirit is guiding me through this life, God has blessed me with many things, including two beautiful boys and a loving wife, now I need him/her to guide me to my next “BIG” thing.  I need this motivation to guide my spirit, guide my mind, nudge me in the right direction.. What is that nudge?.. dunno, could be a social media ad, could be a new interaction with a stranger, could be idea that sparks out of nowhere ( like the guy who “invented” the swimming pool noodle floaty thingy)… I need this spark to come into my life right now and I need it to help myself, my family, my legacy.. I’ll use my abilities the best I can to find that next “BIG” thing in my life. What motivates you? umm besides chocolate


Who moved my cheese?

I don’t often write about things like this but I have come to the conclusion that if my cheese (a metaphor obviously) had been moved decades ago, where would I be today, what would I be doing?. I have often wondered about the “destiny” clause in our lives, that if one thing is out of place or if a wrong turn is made, our lives are forever changed and that path has been turned on , is one that we must continue to walk, run, ride, skate…

I started looking back over the last 5 years of my life, the birth of my first son, and the extreme joy it brought us that after so many years of trying, God finally said, “Yeah, ok, you’re ready to be a Parent finally…”

Full disclosure now, I was a first time parent while my classmates are becoming Grandparents.. then the birth of our second son and the extreme joy he is bringing to my life.

Where would I be had I not given a yellow rose and a kiss to my best friend some 17 years ago?.. I really, truly believe that I would not be writing this now, I would be writing about dog poop on my car, or how drunk the guys were at the bar last night..

Instead, I can write about how my 8 month old smiles at everyone he meets, how he looks EXACTLY like his mother, or how my soon to be 5 year old loves pajamas, Superheros, and Mac-N-Cheese , Aunt Gun, and Gramma’s.

This slight movement in my “cheese” has provided my life with smiles, trials, new found impatience, and oh, yes, poopy diapers,, see how I  did that and worked that into my observation..