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Wow, just Wow it might just happen for real

Every single new year, I make the same old blah blah blah ┬áresolutions, and this year wasn’t any different, oh I knew well in advance that I wouldn’t keep the obvious ones, but I did know that making and keeping resolutions is really a full time job. Speaking of, I’m always in the market for new opportunities, (currently studying for my P&C license in the insurance industry).. but a friend of mine and I started kicking around the idea of a talk radio show (we’re both music jocks so we’ve been on this merry-go-round for decades) and then I started doing some prep work for a demo to put together in the hopes that maybe my 25 years in the industry would finally develop into something that will pay the bills.

So we’re gonna put this thing together, I’ll post it here and put a poll thingy up and let you decide if we should continue to pursue this ever changing niche’ format of Talk Radio… I will tell you what it’s called up front so you get the jist of it,, GeekRadioKC (follow us on twitter @geekradiokc), my co-anchor Goodman (his real name..maybe) and I will entertain you with our take on everything Geek, whether its tech, sports, pop culture, news, SCIENCE!! or whatever, we’re gonna try and make this as entertaining as we can, our goal is syndication, but we’d be happy making enough to buy diapers and food for our families.. stay tuned ok..



Talk Radio? Podcast?. Hmmmmm

So, I was just sitting around dubbing some barter spots in and listening to Rush (he’s on one of the stations I produce for) and I’ve always wanted to do talk radio, I am a talk radio junkee actually. It all started with 9/11 and from that day forward I rarely listened to music radio anymore, it just wasn’t important enough to me to let it creep into my eardrums, I wanted news, and I wanted it now.. then the internet exploded with every bob, tom and harriet using talk radio to convey their thoughts, their impressions, their diatribes and yes their comedy (adam corrolla).
This leads me to believe that, I too, can delve into this lucrative talk radio scenario and share my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and recipes for crab dip with the world…

How to do it? hmmm blog-talk radio is an option, but marketing that seems a little difficult… getting a PD to listen to 4 minutes of my banter? better.. but unless you’re in a top 30 market you’ll never make any money in it.. ( my opinion any way..).. so what to do.. what to do.. need to do something more to increase my personal wealth to help my family live the life we deserve.. hmmmm my thoughts on this ramble like a tumble weed through Tombstone.. I’ve got to explore this further.. in the mean time,,, I’ve another book to narrate and one on my plate already that I’ll strive to compete by the holidays..